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Welcome to the VESTIUUM Roadmap. This is basically our Vision Board. Everything we’re currently working on, plus some big plans for the future.


We're breaking down investment barriers. One by one.


The tip of the iceberg, VESTIUUM Platform is our online investment and capital raising platform. It allows companies to launch fundraising campaigns, and investors to buy equity using FIAT or digital currency. We're bringing securities to the retail market.

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We're opening the door to a whole new class of investor: the crypto crowd. This is our in-house currency brokerage, where digital currency can be converted into FIAT  (and vice versa). This allows retail investors to buy equity using nothing but crypto.

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On the Horizon

A sneak peek at what's just around the corner...


Our revolutionary secondary trading market, where investors will be able to buy and sell Australian-listed shares using both FIAT and digital currency. This means easier access, lower costs and whole lot less hassle. We're pretty excited.

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Sometimes traditional debt funding really is the best option. Which is why we’re going to launch VESTIUUM Finance: our dedicated debt solutions platform. It’ll provide private debt funding and cashflow management for small-to-medium businesses.

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