Marketing makes all the difference.

Whether you’re raising capital with equity crowdfunding or an IPO, you need to get the word out. You need to start building some hype and momentum. You need VESTIUUM marketing services.
Standard package

What's included?

When you launch an offer on VESTIUUM, marketing comes as part of the package. But it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Email direct marketing

Every standard VESTIUUM campaign includes EDMs to our global investor database. That’s tens of thousands of hungry wholesale and retail investors from all over the globe.

Organic social media

Social posts are crucial to any successful cap raise. We’ll create a suite of organic posts to support your campaign, each one tailored to a specific audience. These will go out across all our key channels.

Boosted posts

As part of your campaign, we’ll throw ad spend behind the best-performing social posts. You can choose which ads, and which channels, to boost (or you can leave it up to our marketing team).

Reach more people.
Raise more money.

Equity fundraising can be tough, and just because you believe in your company, that doesn’t mean investors will necessarily follow. You need to identify your audience, create a targeted campaign, and then put some decent spend behind it.

We've found that successful campaigns usually commit 2-3% of their raise target towards additional marketing.
Marketing add-ons

Stack the deck in your favour.

We can provide everything you need to get seen by the right people.


Consultancy is the difference between spamming MailChimp and creating a targeted, strategic campaign. Our marketing consultants can help source lead investors, manage your reputation or identify your target audience.


Your Offer Document, your pitch deck, your press kit – these are the first things investors are going to see. They need to look a million bucks. Our designers can create beautiful documents that fit your branding.


Investors needs more than spreadsheets and cap tables. They need to be inspired. Video has become a crucial part of fundraising, and our videographers can manage production from start to finish.

Digital advertising

Online ads are a fantastic way to build momentum, and they offer great value for money. We can help you run cost-per-click campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as programmatic sponsored content.

Public relations

Most small-to-medium companies don’t have finance journalists on speed dial. Luckily, we do. Our PR partners can help get your CSF or IPO campaign the mainstream coverage it needs.

It's all about momentum.

The more investors jump onboard, the more attractive you start to look, and so on and so on. The trick is hitting the ground running – most successful campaigns raise 30% of their total funding in the first week.

That’s why you need an optimised, data-driven marketing campaign. One that can evolve throughout your raise, depending on what’s worked and what hasn't quite hit the mark.

The usual questions.

Check out our full set of FAQs for more answers to those burning questions. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to reach out to our investment consultants. They'll steer you on the right path.
How much does marketing cost?

The standard marketing package (which you’ll find above) is included in every VESTIUUM campaign. But viral, widespread, data-driven marketing does require additional spend. The most successful cap raises are the ones that invest in their own success, and that means putting aside some money for extras like PR, video, design and advertising.

Do you offer any sort of bundled discount?

We sure do. If you sign up for the full marketing suite, we’ll bundle everything into what’s known as our ‘Campaign Management’ package. This includes all the standard VESTIUUM marketing activity, as well as our additional services – and it comes with a discount.

What if I already have a marketing team?

That’s no problem at all. We’re happy to work alongside your in-house marketing team, or your favourite digital agency. In our experience, companies get the best results when VESTIUUM and the listee (that’s you) collaborate side-by-side.

Will I have control over my marketing campaign?  

Of course! Our partners and consultants are there to offer expert advice and steer you through the process, but the final word is yours. You can pick which channels you’d like to focus on, which posts you’d like to boost, or how to style your video shoot. Our experts will always get your input before pulling the trigger.

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