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Anyone can invest on VESTIUUM. We’ve taken the world of private equity and opened the doors for everybody.
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You don’t need a finance degree to invest on VESTIUUM. Here’s how it works.


Sign-up as a VESTIUUM member. We just need a few details to get started. The whole process only takes a minute.


Browse our curated mix of equity crowdfunding and IPO campaigns. Review the offer and do your research.


Once you’ve found a company you like, just click and start investing. You can buy-in with as little as $100.


No more waiting around for your company to go public. Trade shares on VESTIUUM Exchange (coming soon).
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VESTIUUM of advantages.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in companies on VESTIUUM.

Very picky

Every company on VESTIUUM is carefully screened. We only list businesses we’d be proud to back ourselves.

Free to invest

It doesn’t cost anything to invest on VESTIUUM, and any returns are yours to keep. No hidden fees – we promise.

Built for investors

VESTIUUM was built for investors. We want to level the playing field and give everyone the same investment opportunities.

Accessible equity

You can invest anything from $100 to $10,000 per company, using either FIAT currency or crypto.

Used by pros

VESTIUUM C-Suite, our private wholesale group, includes some of Australia’s top VCs who invest in the same companies as you can.

Backed by blockchain

Every VESTIUUM investor gets tokenised shares managed on the blockchain. They’re safe, secure and tradeable (coming soon).

The usual questions.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our investment and capital raise consultants. They'll steer you on the right path.
How do I make an investment?

To start investing on VESTIUUM, you’ll first need to sign up as a member (don’t worry, it doesn’t take long). When you’re ready to start investing, check out our mix of equity crowdfunding (CSF) and IPO campaigns. Once you’ve found a company you like, you can flip through the Offer Document or Prospectus, learn about the risks, and make an investment online. Unlike other platforms, VESTIUUM lets you invest in either FIAT currency (Aussie dollars) or digital currencies (like USDT).

What happens to my money?

When you buy equity in a company (either through CSF or IPO) you’ll receive a tokenised share that’s managed on the blockchain (coming soon). This is your stake in the company.

Am I eligible to invest?

Anyone over 18 years old can invest with VESTIUUM. When you’re creating your account, just remember to use your own name. We can’t accept joint investments (yet). Before you invest for the first time, you may have to pass a quick KYC check so we know who you are (this is a legal requirement).

When do I see a return?

Equity Crowdfunding is a long-term commitment. You’re banking on your chosen company becoming successful a few years down the track. Not tomorrow afternoon.

If you’ve invested in a CSF opportunity, you will need to wait for the company to go public (and sell your shares on the stock exchange) or wait for a buy-out (where another company may acquire your shares). In some circumstances, you may also be able to sell your shares privately (back to the company itself or to another investor), but only if both parties agree.

If you’ve backed an IPO, you’ll be able to sell your shares when the company lists. This can be done on VESTIUUM Trade (coming soon).

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