IPOs that are actually open to the public.

On VESTIUUM, you’ll find a curated mix of initial public offerings from established Aussie businesses. These companies are trusted, ambitious, and ready to go public. All they’re missing is you.
It pays to go public

Why go with an IPO?

Finally, retail investors have a well-deserved seat at the table.

Established companies

Most companies who go public are already past that awkward teenage start-up phase. They’ve got a killer product and a track history of success. IPOs are your chance to get on board.

Instant liquidity

Unlike equity crowdfunding, once your chosen company is listed, you will be able to start trading shares immediately. It’s always nice to have liquidity on tap (VESTIUUM Exchange coming soon).

Open to everyone

Investing in companies listed on VESTIUUM is open to all. You don’t need a war chest to get started. We allow everyday retail investors to mix with big funds and venture capitalists.

Backed by blockchain

VESTIUUM lets you invest in IPOs using FIAT currency (like Aussie dollars) or digital currencies (like USDT). Your shares are handled on the blockchain (coming soon), so you know they’re safe.

No broker required

You don’t need a traditional broker to invest in IPOs. Our subscription process is quick and easy, and we’ve already put every VESTIUUM IPO under the microscope. Simply do your research and invest.

Thoroughly screened

We also have an extremely thorough vetting procedure (trust us, no T is left un-crossed). If it’s on VESTIUUM, it’s a quality company that we think can make a real difference. Simple as that.

The usual questions.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. They'll steer you on the right path.
How does it work?

Investing in IPOs hasn’t always been easy. But with digital platforms, like VESTIUUM, retail investors can finally compete with the big boys. First, create your VESTIUUM account. Next, browse through our thoroughly screened IPOs. And finally, the fun bit—start investing.

Who can invest?

Anyone over 18 years old can invest with VESTIUUM. It’s a great way for global investors to dip their toes into the world of venture capital. Before you invest, you may have to pass a quick KYC check so we know who you are (this is a legal requirement).

When do I see a return?

Because you’re getting in on the ground floor, you can potentially see bigger returns through equity crowdfunding. But IPOs provide something else: instant liquidity. Once your chosen company is listed on the SSX, you can sell your shares, or buy some more, immediately.

A strategic innovation associate.

The Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) is a tier-one licensed stock exchange based (naturally) in Sydney, Australia. All our IPOs are listed on the SSX, for a number of reasons. It’s our preferred exchange for small cap companies.

Information is currency.
Want to trade?

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