How we select companies.

Of all the companies that apply to raise with VESTIUUM (and there are quite a few), we only accept the best. This means you’re only seeing the good stuff: quality businesses we think can make a real difference.
Simply the best

Our process.

To make it onto our platform, a business needs to be attractive, secure and legally compliant. Having some capital-V ‘Vision’ doesn’t hurt either. There are several factors our experts consider when looking at an early-stage company. And they all start with P.


You can tell a lot about a company by looking at the founders and leadership team. Do they have the technical skills to grow? Are they driven and ambitious? What’s their attitude to risk?


Next we assess the company’s product or service. It needs to be compelling and innovative, with a strong go-to-market strategy. VESTIUUM only supports the game changers.


This one’s harder to measure, but we like to look at the company’s overall mission. How are they going to make a difference? What’s their vision for the future? Are they sustainable?
Careful screening

Due dilligence.

Once we believe a company’s a good fit, we get our lawyers, accountants and listings team to comb over every inch of the business. This is the formal due diligence phase.


A company’s fundraising goals need to be achievable. They also need to have enough runway to survive without VESTIUUM (and our crowd).


Every VESTIUUM campaign meets the Australian regulatory requirements for equity crowdfunding and IPO investment.


We make sure the deal terms are favourable for investors, and that the valuation is set appropriately.

Business Model

Without a sound business model, and a proven capacity for generating revenue, a company can’t get on VESTIUUM. Simple as that.


VESTIUUM undertakes a full ASIC register check on every company, including background checks on senior management.

Social Proof

We only back businesses with good social proof. The ones with loyal followers, lots of great press, and potential for revenue. If it can't make money, it’s not getting on VESTIUUM.

In your best interest

We are the gate keepers.

Under crowdfunding legislation in Australia, VESTIUUM is what’s known as a ‘gate keeper’. That means we’re obliged to check certain company details on your behalf. These include:
  • The identity of the company and its officers.
  • The company’s eligibility for CSF or IPO fundraising.
  • The necessary information in the Offer Document or Prospectus.

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