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VESTIUUM C-Suite is our exclusive, black-tie, sophisticated investor group. It’s only open to high-net-worth individuals. The movers and shakers. The big players. The serious angels.
It's your call

More opportunity.
Less hand holding.

Early access

As a member of the VESTIUUM C-Suite, you’ll get first look at every public offer on our platform – before it goes live to the retail crowd.

Private offers

Along with crowdfunding and IPO raises, VESTIUUM also runs Private Placements. These are only available to C-Suite members, and we'll only showcase the best opportunities.

Good company

Every private offer on VESTIUUM goes through a careful screening and due diligence process. These are proven companies with huge potential.
Investment process

How it works



Once you've received an invitation to join (from us or an existing member) you will need to verify your sophisticated investor status. Our team will assess your credentials and get you on-boarded.


Now you’re a C-Suite member, we’ll send you exclusive offers and first-look opportunities via email which you can access in our portal. Of course, you can also invest in our public offers at any time.


When you find a company you like, our team can handle the equity purchase for you. VESTIUUM accepts both FIAT and digital currencies, including USDT. We'll handle the entire process, end to end.
Strict criteria

Do I qualify?

VESTIUUM C-Suite is only open to certain private investors. You’ll need to meet some conditions first:
  • Earn over AUD $250,000 for the past two years; or
  • Have AUD $2.5 million in assets.
  • Complete a Sophisticated Investor Certificate, issued by a qualified accountant.
  • Be invited to join by VESTIUUM or an existing C-Suite member.

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