Raise capital the
new-fashioned way.

VESTIUUM gives companies a pathway for easy growth. Three pathways, actually. Raise funds from the crowd, tap into wholesale capital or go public with an IPO.

Three ways to raise with VESTIUUM.

Equity Crowdfunding

Get market validation through instant social proof. Build a loyal community of investors and brand champions. And most importantly, raise capital quickly, without wading through red tape.

Initial Public Offering

VESTIUUM offers a cheaper and more efficient path to IPO. By listing on the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX), we can get you public much quicker, with flexible pricing and lower spread requirements. Consider us your end-to-end IPO gurus.  

Private Placement.

When your company raises with VESTIUUM, it gets access to the VESTIUUM C-Suite. This is our members-only, black tie, wholesale investor group. We can arrange Private Placements with high-net-worth investors from all over the world, before the retail crowd joins the party.  
Cap raise process

How it works

Here’s how a capital raise usually takes place with VESTIUUM.


We’ll sit down and discuss your cap raise requirements, your hopes and dreams, and advise you on the best fundraising options – even if those options don’t include VESTIUUM.

Expression of Interest

We start with the simple stuff: an EOI marketing campaign to test the waters and check investor demand. It’s a quick and (relatively) cheap way to validate your capital raise.

Offer Preparation

Along with our key legal and marketing partners, we'll help prepare your offer for market. This stage is all about due diligence and understanding your potential investor market.

Public Launch

Time to push the Go button. We’ll launch your offer publicly on VESTIUUM, and you can buy an additional marketing campaign, if you’d like to supercharge your cap raise.

Campaign Ends

The campaign runs until you hit your maximum funding target, or the timer expires. We’ll accept both FIAT and digital currencies from our pool of global investors.

Funding Arrives

Our favourite step. Once the campaign wraps up, we’ll settle the funds and hand them over to you (minus our fees). Congratulations – you now have shareholders.
Grow with VESTIUUM

Fuss-free capital, whatever your age, whatever your stage.

Venture capital isn’t just for the big boys anymore.


From little things, big things grow. That’s the beauty of seed funding through the crowd: you get access to serious investors, without the serious red tape.
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Early stage

We’ve helped plenty of up-and-comers raise millions in capital…without selling their shirt to get it. This is early stage growth without the early stage growing pains.
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Growth phase

You’ve built something worth buying, now you need something worth buying into. We can help you navigate the tricky world of growth phase fundraising.
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The usual questions.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our investment and capital raise consultants. They'll steer you on the right path.
How does VESTIUUM help manage the capital raising process?

Whether you go with equity crowdfunding (CSF) or IPO, we’ll help you navigate the whole process. You’ll get a single point of contact, a flexible pricing structure, and a top-notch legal and compliance team on-call. Every campaign is tailored to your business and your fundraising goals.

What type of capital raising should I go for?

That’s really up to you. Every business is slightly different, and we can definitely steer you towards the most suitable fundraising option (even if that option turns out to be debt funding). VESTIUUM offers three different types of raises, including equity crowdfunding, private placements and IPOs.

Am I eligible for equity crowdfunding?

There are a few eligibility requirements when it comes to CSF. Your consolidated asset cap, and your revenue cap, must both be under AUD $25 million. You can’t be listed on any exchange, either in Australia or internationally. There’s also an AUD $5 million raise cap, which includes any raise in the past 12 months. You can read more about these requirements over here.

How are you guys different?

Great question. For one thing, we allow our investors to buy equity using FIAT currency or digital currency (like USDT). That means you’re getting access to a more diverse, international investor network (not to mention avoiding plenty of red tape). Think of VESTIUUM as the bridge between conventional markets and cryptocurrency.

How should I set my valuation?

While we can’t officially value your business (that’s up to you), it’s generally better to the conservative side. A lower valuation gives investors more growth potential and makes future funding rounds slightly easier. Just keep in mind, whatever number you settle on, your valuation on VESTIUUM must be set on a fully diluted basis: you can’t dilute crowd equity down the track with existing options.

Nothing ventured.
Nothing gained.

Find out if you're eligible to raise capital with VESTIUUM.