Who can raise on VESTIUUM?

VESTIUUM is a curated investment platform, which means not every company is going to make the cut. Each business has to meet some pretty strict criteria to be considered. Find out if you're eligible for Equity Crowdfunding or Initial Public Offering, below.

Eligibility requirements.

To raise capital on VESTIUUM, you’ll first have to meet several eligibility requirements. These aren’t set by us. They’re regulated by ASIC.

These criteria aren’t meant to frighten you off. We owe it to our investors to dot every I and cross every T. We also want to present the best, most thoroughly vetted investment opportunities.

Equity Crowdfunding.

Asset cap

Your consolidated asset cap must be under AUD $25 million (calculated 12 months prior to your raise).

Revenue cap

Your revenue cap must also be under AUD $25 million (calculated 12 months prior to your raise, then again 6 weeks beforehand).

Raise cap

Each raise on VESTIUUM can’t exceed AUD $5 million, including any raise in the 12 months prior.


Your principal place of business, and the majority of your directors, must be based in Australia.

Listing status

Your company can’t be currently listed on any exchange, either in Australia or overseas.

Use of funds

The funds raised on VESTIUUM can’t be used to invest in other entities, or to provide a loan.


Initial Public Offering.

Net Assets & Market Cap.

Minimum net tangible assets or a market capitalisation of at least $2,000,000 AUD.

Number of Shareholders

Minimum of 50 security holders holding a value of at least $2,000 AUD each.

Related Parties

25% of the main class of securities is held by non-related parties to the listee.

Working Capital

Minimum of $300,000 AUD working capital and a sufficient amount to sustain normal operations for at least 12 months after listing (ex. fundraising costs).

Audited Financials

Consolidated and audited financial statements for the last 3 years – latest financial statements must be for a period no later than 6 months prior.

Company Constitution

Your company must have a constitution which is consistent with SSX listing rules and contain wording prescribed by SSX.

VESTIUUM screening.

If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, you can start your application on VESTIUUM. The next step is our careful (and very thorough) screening process. This is the due diligence phase, where we make sure every inch of your business is above board.


A company’s fundraising goals need to be achievable. They also need to have enough runway to survive without VESTIUUM (and our crowd).


Every VESTIUUM campaign meets the Australian regulatory requirements for equity crowdfunding and IPO investment. You can read about them here.


We make sure the deal terms are favourable for investors, and that the valuation cap is set appropriately (given the company’s size etc.)

Business Model

Without a sound business model, and a proven capacity for generating revenue, a company can’t get on VESTIUUM. Simple as that.


VESTIUUM undertakes a full ASIC register check on every company, including background checks on senior management.

Social proof

We only back businesses with good social proof. The ones with loyal followers, lots of great press, and potential for revenue. If it can't make money, it’s not getting on VESTIUUM.

Raise your own way.

Even if you don’t meet the criteria above, reach out and we can discuss your options. VESTIUUM will never push you down a path that doesn’t match your goals.

If we believe traditional debt funding is best for you, that’s exactly what we’ll recommend. Our team can help you find the right funding, not just the easy funding.

Find out if you qualify.

We'll let you know if you're eligible to raise capital via equity crowdfunding or Initial Public Offering, in Australia.