Grow with equity crowdfunding.

Venture capital isn’t just for the big boys anymore. Get access to new investors by raising capital from the crowd. Who needs angels when you’ve got shareholders?

Why choose equity crowdfunding?

Reach new crowds

By enabling digital currency investment, VESTIUUM unlocks a whole new pool of potential investors. You’re not just reaching Australian eyes anymore. You’re raising capital from all over the world.

Equity beats debt

You’re in the growth stage, and you need capital in a hurry. Equity crowdfunding means you don’t get saddled with huge bank debts. You give up a little equity, and gain a lot of freedom.

Test the waters

Before diving into a crowdfunding campaign, you can test the waters with an expression of interest (EOI) offer. It’s a great way to gauge market interest, without any long-term commitment.

Grow your following

Equity crowdfunding is like instant market validation. All those investors are potential customers, advocates and followers. A good campaign can generate serious grassroots momentum.
Tried & tested process

How does it work?

After several successful equity crowdfunding campaigns, we’ve got it down to a fine art. We’ll walk you through the equity crowdfunding process from start to finish.


Find out if you're eligible for Equity Crowdfunding and if it's your best capital raising avenue. We'll be sure to discuss any alternative options, too.

EOI Campaign

Launch an Expression of
Interest campaign to test market sentiment before you fully dive in. Ensure you don't launch to...crickets.

Due Dilligence

We help you prepare your Offer Document, ensure all compliance obligations are met, and collaborate on your campaign strategy.


Your campaign goes live on VESTIUUM and is ready to accept investment in FIAT (AUD) and digital currency from global investors. Nice work.
Supercharge your raise

Would you like marketing with that?

Investor marketing needs to be targeted and data-driven. The more quality traffic directed to your campaign, the better your chances of success. VESTIUUM offers a full range of additional marketing services, including top-notch designers, videographers, digital marketing experts and PR consultants.
We've got your back

With you every step of the way.

Every cap raise campaign is tailored to your business and fundraising goals. You get one point of contact, flexible fees, and a team of legal, accounting and marketing experts on-call.

Flexible fees

Your fees rise and fall with the success of your campaign, so you only pay for what you raise.

Due diligence

After your successful EOI offer, we’ll provide an end-to-end DD process on your company to give investors confidence.

Wholesale eyes

Every campaign gets pitched to our wholesale investor network, VESTIUUM C-Suite, whose members can provide hefty backing.


Monitor your campaign's traffic, marketing spend and keep track of investment applications, all from a single dashboard.

Legal checks

We’ll run AML/CTF checks on your investors, handle all payments and issue the shares, without you lifting a finger.
Keep the ball rolling

VESTIUUM of extras

The hard work doesn’t stop after a successful cap raise. There are disclosure obligations, dividends to process, investors to manage and statements to generate. Through our partner network, VESTIUUM provides the full suite of post-raise services – all in one place. Everything you need to stay compliant (and sane).

Nothing ventured.
Nothing gained.

Find out if you're eligible to raise capital with VESTIUUM.