How much does a cap raise actually cost?

We’ve streamlined the VESTIUUM fee structure to make things as simple, and transparent, as possible. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into with no surprises.

Equity Crowdfunding (CSF) fees

Equity crowdfunding campaigns run on what we call ‘Success-Based Fees’. This is our flexible pricing structure, which means your costs are always in-tune with the success of your cap raise. The less you raise, the lower your fees. And vice versa.

Fixed fees

CSF campaigns include two flat listing fees, which are both paid before your cap raise goes live.

Discovery & Expression of Interest (EOI)

$550 AUD
Our research phase. Find out if CSF fundraising suits your specific cap raise requirements.

Due Diligence

$5,500 AUD
Following an Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign, we’ll start our end-to-end due diligence process.

Flexible fees

When your offer goes live, our flexible fees kick-in. VESTIUUM charges 6-10% of the total amount raised, which comes out of the proceeds of the offer. The exact percentage will depend on the specifics of your deal.

Test the waters

Before diving into crowdfunding, we like to test the waters with an expression of interest (EOI) offer.
It’s a great way to get a feel for market appetites, without committing any big spend.

Sometimes, after an EOI campaign, we might find that CSF funding isn’t quite right for your company, but that’s okay. We’ll never push you down this route if it’s not in your best interest. It all depends on your company, and your cap raise goals.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) fees

IPO fees are a bit trickier than CSF, because every public offering has a slightly different structure. But here are the basics: you’ll pay three fixed listing costs, and one variable fee, which is based on the valuation of securities offered. The more securities, the higher the variable fee.

Nothing ventured.
Nothing gained.

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