Welcome to the boardroom.

Sometimes it pays to go private. Along with equity crowdfunding and IPO cap raises, VESTIUUM also runs Private Placements through our wholesale investor group, VESTIUUM C-Suite.
Private placement

How does it work?

Your offer is sent exclusively to wholesale investors and isn't available to the retail crowd. If C-Suite members like what they see, they can invest using either FIAT or digital currencies.

More than money

Network with serious angels from all over the world. Take advantage of industry connections and experience.

Less red tape

Private Placements usually come with fewer restrictions than equity crowdfunding or traditional IPOs.

Social proof

Validation is everything. By securing funding from leading angel investors, you get instant market credibility.

No limits

Unlike traditional crowdfunding campaigns, there are no maximum investment caps for angels.

Experience matters

Angels don’t just come with resources and connections. These are industry experts that can help grow your business.

Form an alliance

Angel investors can help with talent management, accessing international markets and forming strategic partnerships.
More on the way

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Provided you meet their expectations, most wholesale investors won’t have any qualms about investing further capital down the track. You have to think of Private Placements as more than just a cap raise.

It’s about building relationships, tapping into global networks and finding an expert who can share their skills and experience.
Weighing up your options

Public or private?

Whether you choose Private Placement depends on a bunch of factors. What are your goals? How quickly do you need funding? Are you looking for angel expertise? What about tapping into VC networks?

Our experts will help guide you through the process. We can advise which raise is the most appropriate for your business: CSF, IPO or Private Placement.

Nothing ventured.
Nothing gained.

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